Sunday, May 1, 2011

easter 2011

the nerd nielsen's came to PA over easter this year.  if i could repeat this easter every year i would be one happy gal.

i put together an easter basket for morgan and she LOVED it.  we also hid eggs in the backyard and waited for a few minutes when it wasn't raining and she romped around the wet grass finding colorful eggs filled with goodies.

we made a delicious dinner including 2 whole chickens, rolls, salad, and a pink and orange layered cake.  morgan was thrilled.

missy made homemade peeps.  

during their stay, we watched a lot of tangled, cars, and enchanted.

they met me downtown for lunch.

missy & i got pedicures.

made this for breakfast.

went and saw Rio.

went to an MLB game: pirates vs. giants

went to kirtland, ohio where there is a lot of history of my church.  morgan loved seeing the temple.


Cami said...

You are so freaking cute with you pregnant belly!!! Why haven't you posted more pictures??! Seriously, you are adorable McCall.

Morgan is getting big! And we love the movie Tangled, so cute. Miles quotes a lot of the lines and then laughs at himself. :)

Beautiful pictures.

Valerie Hall said...

sounds like a great weekend. I agree you look so cute with that baby bump!

Mike and Kim said...

McCall you are so adorable pregnant! You look so great and you look so happy. So excited for you!

Mike and Kim said...

McCall you are so adorable pregnant! You look so great and you look so happy. So excited for you!

Steve and Ashley Clawson said...

You look so darling!! I love the beautiful pictures too, but I wouldn't expect anything else from you. :) We love Tangled too, Camri is always watching it and singing the songs.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

How fun:)

I love that belly of yours.

Lara said...

LOVE that cute belly of yours.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

what a fantastic easter!
that cake! i'm dying,
it's beautiful! :)

Ashley said...

Look at your BELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look beautiful. Wish I could be with you right now :(

Caleb and Marci said...

Oh- Hurray for a belly picture! The rest looks fun too, but I'll be honest, I am pretty excited to see that cute belly.

Kelley & Manny said...

You are so cute! I miss you!

CHELSEY said...

Yessss...I got to see a prego pic. Guess all it took was Morgan to b in it with you:) Ew so cute! I knew you were cute.

caitlin and brinton said...

Such cute pictures. Morgan is ADORABLE. And so are you with your pregnant belly. You are so wrong about the rest of you getting fat - you look awesome!

Chris & Missy said...

Best Easter ever!! We had such a great time. Can't wait to get back.