Saturday, October 29, 2011

lennon loves his papa


while my dad & chris were in town, we took a quick trip to gettysburg.  it was a gorgeous little town and it was really neat to learn about all of the history that took place there.  sad, sad stuff.

utah utes

my dad and brother-in-law {chris} came out to:

a} meet lennon
b} go to the utah vs. pitt game

we were a little nervous to be sitting in the middle of the Pitt student section {think MUSS} in our crimson red, but luckily we didn't get boo'd right out of there.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

nerd newlands

tannon's brothers and their wife/girlfriend came out to meet lennon. he is so lucky that he has so many aunts and uncles that love him! they are all so cute with him and it was so much fun to have them all here! {lennon is the first baby on tannon's side}.

i am incredibly blessed with the family i married in to. tannon and his brothers have always been very close and caitlin has become one of my best friends.

tannon's sister was going to come out with them, but needed to stay home last minute. we missed her.

we were able to squeeze in some fun things in the week that they were here. we ate way too much. would you have guessed? me neither.

we ate at: pamela's, church brew works, joe mama's, lobello's, oakmont bakery, and got some yummy food/treats at the strip district.

caitlin, candice, and i love to bake, so we were able to squeeze some of that in, as well.

we made pumpkin monkey bread and mini's chocoholic cupcakes.

we rode bikes along the monongahela river, drove to ohiopyle to visit falling water, went boating/wakeboarding, and changed a lot of diapers.

 uncle B

 aunt caitlin

 candice & mowgli.  we hope candice is part of our family soon :)

 that's mowgli.... not tannon

uncle mowgli

2 months

2 Months

i seriously kiss these cheeks all day long. lennon is still rocking his mullet that his dad won't let me touch. he is a lot more interactive and so much fun. he's starting to like to watch t.v. {oh dear}. he's weighing in a little over 12 pounds and is 24 inches long. he is sleeping better at night and is getting more smiley. our favorite part of our day is when we snuggle up on the couch and take a nap together in the afternoon. love this little man!

Friday, October 7, 2011