Thursday, May 27, 2010

it almost makes it worth it

these pictures mean nothing to 95% of you
but they mean the world to me
i have been immensely blessed
with a wonderful family & incredible friends
thank you

Monday, May 17, 2010

wet mondays

you know it's going to be a bad Monday when your day starts out like so:

*you realize all of your contacts in your phone have been deleted by a software update
* you are on the bus when you are frantically trying to retrieve your lost phone numbers
*you are so busy dinking with your phone when you look up and realize that you missed your stop
*which wouldn't be so bad, except your stop is the very last one
*you remember your bus is the very last bus into downtown as you are getting on the freeway, heading to the garage
*you run to the front of the bus and tell the driver that you missed your destination
*you scare the crap out of him because he has NO idea he still has a passenger on board
*the driver desperately pulls the bus over, as if you have him at gun point

so there you are, walking on a 6-inch ledge on the freeway
in the pouring rain
as buses and cars speed past you, dousing you as you fade into their rear-view mirrors

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i have issues

okay, so i have a lot of issues. probably so many that one might suggest i go see a shrink. but for now, let's just focus on one.

commitment issues

i think i have always been this way, but i can't be sure.
  • i had a 6 year relationship with someone before i met my husband.
  • i didn't get sweaty palms at all when i was getting married.
  • thinking of having kids... bring it on (no this is not an annoucement)

however, committing to a doctor appointment, or even committing to weekend plans might send me to the loony bin.

what is wrong with me?