Thursday, May 13, 2010

i have issues

okay, so i have a lot of issues. probably so many that one might suggest i go see a shrink. but for now, let's just focus on one.

commitment issues

i think i have always been this way, but i can't be sure.
  • i had a 6 year relationship with someone before i met my husband.
  • i didn't get sweaty palms at all when i was getting married.
  • thinking of having kids... bring it on (no this is not an annoucement)

however, committing to a doctor appointment, or even committing to weekend plans might send me to the loony bin.

what is wrong with me?


Maren said...

Is that why you didn't answer your phone? You don't want me to come?

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Anxiety. It's such a fun thing, isn't it? It's the flip of a switch, I have no idea. I love you!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

you're totally normal.
i'm the same way and i'd
like to think i'm normal...
so, maybe you're NOT normal.

Chris & Missy said...

You're related to AL MORGAN !!!! Enough said.

Laurel said...

How funny! I know what you mean though about making appointments and plans because something better might come up or you might just not feel like going when it comes time : ). You aren't crazy!

April Shumate said...

haha that is funny....I have the SAME problem, but very different. I can't commit to anything! Dating more than 6 months was HUGE for me, and marriage was a milestone. haha. I guess one day I will overcome some other commitment issues and maybe have children.