Friday, October 30, 2009


i used the word "shiz" at work. really, mccall? really?

i will NEVER hear the end of that. ever. sometimes i forget i'm not in utah anymore, where made up swear words are socially acceptable.

Monday, October 26, 2009

what's your secret?

something must be seriously wrong with you if this isn't your favorite time of year. i love the vibrant trees, the fall festivities, the carving of pumpkins, the crisp air, soup, i love it all.

the trees back east are incredible! i can't wipe the smile off my face as i walk and drive through this place this time of year. the foliage is full of life and color.

i don't know about you, but it is so easy for me to fall into bad habits around this time. the air turns cool, the home-baked goods surface, and the walks & bike rides come to a screeching halt. so, i need your secrets. how do YOU stay motivated throughout the holidays to be healthy?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

i ate my weight in chocolate

since there aren't too many back here, us child-less folk
decided to take a quick trip to Hershey, PA.

cold weather - check
lots & lots of chocolate - check
pregnancy announcement - check (no, no, not from me)
fantastic company - check
free admission to Hershey Park - check

since it was raining, most of the rides at the Park weren't running.
we all had our heart set on riding roller coasters, so this wasn't going to stop us.
the park was still charging full-price admission and we were not okay with that.
we opted for a "shoppers pass" which allows
you to enter the park for 45 minutes to "shop". we were all over this! we ran from
coaster to coaster trying to fit in as many rides as we could in 45 minutes.
hershey park is even better when it's fa-ree.

i think i should end every get-a-way with a massage from now on.
it was the best thing ever!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

excuse me?

today while at work, a co-worker asks, "if you were to kill your significant other, how would you do it?"

"excuse me?"

"oh come on... if you haven't thought about how you'd kill your spouse, you haven't been with them long enough. i know how i'd do it. my wife can't swim."

should i be scared?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

because i deserve it

i can not wait for this weekend. hershey park, here i come!

and then a VERY much needed......

Monday, October 5, 2009

dear blog

i'm not really dead. just been having lots of fun. or not. work has been keeping me super busy. i'm not working more than i used to, but my schedule is really throwing me off. when i get off, it's dark. it makes the day go by WAY too fast. at my old job, i had time in the afternoon/evening to get things done, but not anymore. getting home around 8:00pm just really cramps my style.

mom, missy & morgie left me today. i miss them SOOO much already! they were awesome company and helped me around the house a lot. we painted almost every room in the house and it looks awesome. we also fit in some shopping, fall festivals, good eating & conference.
good times. i seriously can't want until i can see them again, whenever that'll be.

rAnDoM qUeStIoN
  • why does public speaking literally make me ill at just the thought of it? i can hang myself over a cliff with a teensy weensy rope and not even flinch, but the thought of getting up in front of a crowd makes me physically ill. where is the logic? can anyone please tell me?

those of you who attend my church, why don't ya do both of us a favor and take a day off this Sunday. :)