Sunday, September 20, 2009

apple festival

yesterday we visited the apple festival in amish country with some friends of ours, james & shelly. it was awesome! pennsylvania is so beautiful! i loved driving through the country. the leaves are barely starting to change color and the temperature was mostly in the 60's. oh-so-perfect. not a lot of things make me happier than this time of year. it was a great kick-off to a wonderful fall season.

driving through the country of this beautiful state!

making apple butter over a fire.

hailey wanted me to take a picture of her on SIX rocking horses.
i love how specific she is.
she's my little buddy.

i've always had a weird obsession over cash registers.
i just had to snap a shot of this thing. i love it!

here they are, making apple cider. it was SO good.
i sure could go for some right now.
there were tons of these adorable cars in the parking lot.
love them.

apparently you aren't supposed to take their picture.
but who can resist, really?

don't you just LoVe this face?

thanks shelly & james for the invitation.
this is definitely going to be a fall tradition of ours.

Friday, September 18, 2009


i get to see this little midget in tWeLvE dAyS! i am beside myself with excitement!

Friday, September 11, 2009

the old man

my dad came to visit... he already misses me THAT much :)
he had some continuing education
classes in Philidelphia, so he decided to make a trip out of it and stay with us!
and we are so glad he did.
i mostly drug him around to do all of my boring errands. poor guy.
*note to self... i will NEVER register a car
in Pennsylvania again. ever. it took us THREE days
to complete the dang process. bleh!

we were able to fit in a few fun things, however.
we went to an old church that they have
turned into a brewery. it was SO cool.
if you ever go here, make sure you sit
on the LEFT side of the place. we sat on the right,
and although the food was pretty good,
it was PRICEY. on the left side they serve
pizza & sandwiches, and on the right side is their fine dining.

here are some pictures of the place.
the pictures are horrible because i didn't have my camera,
so these babies are from my phone.

tannon & da papa

we miss you already, dad! come back s.o.o.n!

Friday, September 4, 2009

i did it

i am officially employed.
i will be working as an assistant manager
for IST in this building:

the people there are very friendly, professional and
"know how to have fun".
the break rooms are chic and beautiful.
the view is spectacular.
the doors have fingerprint recognition.

i have a hunch that our christmas
parties won't consist of an opening prayer
and a speech from a General Authority
(as opposed to my last employer).

wish me luck!

*side note... i am panicking