Friday, June 19, 2009


today is my last day at work.

i am sad. not sad beacuse i'll get to spend a crap-load

of time with my neice. not because i'll get to play lots

in the sun. not because i'll get to sleep in.

but because of this:


i am going to miss them dearly.

they have spoiled me. when someone leaves,

they know how to party.

they have taken me here:

*market street grill*




and here:


thanks so much for being my best friends for the past few years ! i love you all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

fun in ziOn

i think it's weird that some peope call zion - ziOn. like they put too much emphasis on the O. anyways... this weekend we were fortunate enough to go with some good friends to play in the adult playground of zion national park. i haven't had this much fun in a while.

here we are waiting for the down-pour to stop. this was our whole group, except i'm taking the picture and wes wandered off to look for his pancho.

standing in the rain

blair & cam on our hike up angel's landing


me, blair & jesse

at the top. we made it!

wes & jesse (aka wesse)

this darling little chipmunk loved jesse. he would eat right out of her hand.

stevie & nate

nothing like "camping" in a resort with a hot tub & pool. for more information, click here.

check out that face. the water was fa-reezing! nate (in the background) looks evil as he watches me doggy-paddle my way out.

these cute baby frogs were everywhere.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

you say it's your birthday

i think my 25th year of life is going to bring to pass many great things.

Monday, June 1, 2009

happy 1 june '09

i heart june. it always delivers wonderful events. this is the month that i slipped into this earth. it is this month that school always got out for the summer, advancing me yet another year in school. june is the month of high school graduation. june means laying out pool-side and boating. june means the start of warm camping and as much rockclimbing as you can fit in. june means drive-ins with oversized Love Sac's. june is the month that brings my Kirton & McConkie career to a close.

i am actually VeRy sad to be leaving this place. it means i leave behind some of my best friends. i have ridden these elevators every single day for the past 4 1/2 years.

however, i can't even tell you how stoked i am to spend time with family and to do things i wouldn't normally get to do. i want to enjoy my last month & a half of residing in this beautiful state of Utah. i will miss it so.

***photo by nathan clark