Saturday, May 14, 2011

crazy people

ever since we moved to pittsburgh, tannon has been talking about wanting to ride his bike to washington d.c.  i honestly didn't think he would be able to talk anyone into this horrible idea.  as it turns out, our 2 friends {bryan & jamie = husband & wife} are just as crazy.

i sent them on their way last wednesday.  they rode from wednesday to sunday.  

bryan & jamie are at least a little smarter and stayed in bed/breakfasts & hotels along the way.

not tannon.

{it rained the first night, so here is his make-shift shelter}
{total trip: 341.77 miles}

luckily for me, i had a good excuse not to join them.  my belly would get in the way.  so, instead, i was able to spend the weekend in virginia with my friend, maren, while i waited for them to get to d.c. on sunday so that we could drive home.  and the most important part of the trip?  i was able to stuff my face with this:


that's right.  they recently opened up a cafe rio in maryland.  it has never tasted so good.


Jamie said...

You are so funny. Tannon really is crazy. As I was writing my posts about this trip, the phrase "crazy tannon" came to the keys multiple times. I love that you posted Cafe Rio food. And I am so glad you were able to drive us home. We LOVED being in a car after all that! :) Thank you!

Lara said...

That is insanity! I cannot get over that biked ALL the way to dc. That is awesome. What's almost as awesome is your yummy cafe rio :) woo woo

Cami said...

Dustin told me he did that, and he was so jealous. What crazy husbands we have. I love his makeshift tent. :)

weese said...

Trevor wants to know if Tannon is going to Pearl Jam 20 in Wisconsin this year, and if so, he's jealous.

Valerie Hall said...

That is so cool!

wendyberd said...

dang it - now i'm craving cafe rio!
i'm so glad you have one close by now - enjoy!
p.s. - post some pics of you and your belly-bump!!!

caitlin and brinton said...

He really is a nut! That poor little "tent" makes me sad. I would not be a happy camper in that. I am glad he made it safe though and probably enjoyed it. (Maybe?). I am glad you were relaxing and eating burritos instead. I am kind of over Cafe Rio these days - but your picture makes me want one of them right this instant.

Caleb and Marci said...

You have a super cool husband, and he has a super fabulous wife. He told us about wanting to do this, and Caleb had longing in his eyes. I'm quite amazed that they made it and all in one piece. I can't help but laugh at the homeless-guy tent.
Miss you.

Lacey Jay said...

Um... your hubby is CRAZY! his shelter totally cracked me up though!

Micah Rae said...

I wanna do that:)
Miss you. You are adorable with your cute belly

Chris & Missy said...

i got a bit teary eyed seeing his "tarp tent". that crazy brother-in-law of mine. The tears dried up once I saw your burrito though! Love ya sis.