Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the last day

today is my last day of work.  it is the strangest feeling that i can't even begin to describe.

* * * * * *

this baby should be waiting on my doorstep for me tonight.  i can't wait to play with it.

* * * * * *

i can't get dimply butt cheeks and squishy thighs out of my mind.

* * * * * *

here is our nursery.  simple & plain.  

* * * * * * 

i've been thinking about this quote by john wooden a lot lately:

Talent is God-given. Be humble.
Fame is man-given. Be grateful.
Conceit is self-given. Be careful.


Mumsy said...

That nursery looks so calm and serene. I love how you've decorated it. AND I am SOOOO happy you got that lens! And I also might be a bit jealous. :)

Can't wait for Lenny to join the fam.

Andrea said...

I love that crib!! You're already to go. I was so excited to see your post I thought you may have had him already. I seriously can't wait to meet our kid and I know you've got to feel the same way. Good luck!!! I can't wait to see the pictures. (And lets be honest every newborn looks like a little alien, but by dang it'll my little alien and she'll be cute- as will your little guy.)

denise said...

The nursery is beautiful. Very peaceful. Let's hope he gets LOTS of sleep in there, right? At least at night, anyway. :)

The lens...ahhh. I'm drooling. I can't wait to see the pictures you take with that guy.

Great quote.

wendyberd said...

oh! i love that crib - and i love the look of all of this - very clean and crisp. and i love your little crocheted animal on top of the dresser - we have one just like that at our house! my sister makes these and i LOVE them!
can't wait for you to have your little guy in your arms - come on baby! come!

The Marx Family said...

I have been thinking about you a lot lately wondering when you are going to have that baby. The nursery looks fantastic!

Amanda said...

i LOVE the room. you guys did great. did tannon make the crib..cause i love it. simple and plain is my favorite. your little guy is going to LOVE it. hair cut tuesday?? i'll be in touch.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

love the quote.
love the simple sweet nursery.
good luck you new little mama.

Jill said...

Last days of work are better thenext day, when you don't have to go back!! Congratulations, I'm so glad you are done! Enjoy the time before he comes.

Nursey...absolutely adorable! I love your taste. So happy/excited for you!!

Caleb and Marci said...

Been thinking about you all the time lately. Can't wait for your big day to come. :-) Looks like you are ready.

Adam and Jess said...

I can't wait to see the little man. I really like the nursery and the modern feel to it.
I'm glad you posted about food. I LOVE food so much, but never know where to eat here.

caitlin and brinton said...

Your nursery looks SOOO great. I love the simplicity. You will have to help me do mine when the time comes. Can't wait for the big day!!! Whenever it shall be :)

Riley said...
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Chelsey said...

Cute Cute! Riley says there are too many sharp corners for baby to hit his head on. Haha He would.

weese said...

congrats on baby boy! Leaving work is a weird feeling, but it's great and you will be a great mom, I'm sure.
p.s. I think about dimply cheeks and squishy thighs but mostly only when I look in the mirror:)
Good luck!

Riley said...

His room looks like an insane asylum... -Riley