Thursday, April 8, 2010

watch out

i think this is my third blog entry in a week.

huh. i guess miracles do happen.

i wish that i was one of those people who could sit down and write. i have very very talented friends when it comes to the writing department. i, however, hardly have thoughts deeper than what i'm going to eat next. what a shame.

with that said, i am going to let that boss of mine do the talking for me. sometimes on our informal & private webpage, he jots down some things he's been thinking about. this one really hit home for me and i thought i'd record it here on me blog so that i can come back to it.

that's right. i said me blog.


"Why is it that we call yesterday the best days?
I can remember high school being some of the best days.
I can also recall the years when my kids were very young as being the best days. I guess what I am asking is will we all look back on today as the best days?
Are we making the most of things now?
Are we the best we can be? Will we live with regret for not seizing the day, today? Do we really want to look back on today
5 years from now and think, 'those were some of the best times in my life
and I didn't even realize it'. Live like it's a gift, play like you're supposed to...
and enjoy today! The best days of your life!"


Ashley said...

That's a really powerful message. I needed to hear that today. I think I take "today" for granted a lot and look to the past or the future too much. Thanks,Cally :) Love ya.

Sarah Keith said...

I totally think of that. We are always looking back or forward but not remembering to embrace the present! Love you McCall!

Hale-O There said...

That is a good reminder! Good Luck on the garden, it sounds like fun, way to be ambitious.

Andrea said...

For some reason you didn't have comments open on your Banff post- I just have to say we've been Banff goers for the past few years. It already came to SLC in February. They had a documentary of a guy who rode a tandem bike from Alaska to Argentina finding random people along the way to help him pedal. And you know you always leave with that tree hugger/be at one with nature feeling and I like that.