Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my mare bear

our trip to d.c. was fabulous. seeing my maren was such a delight.
she is like a sister to me and it's SO nice to have "family"within driving distance. her & ry-guy are the best.

have i mentioned that the
thunderstorms out here are incredible?
seriously, i can't get enough of them.
i wish pictures could capture the actual
beauty, but sometimes they just can't.
our drive home from D.C. was beautiful.

we are really starting to love it here. it's becoming a little more like home each day.


Ashley said...

McCall - where did you get that cute shirt?!!! Love it. Can I borrow it? ;)

mccall said...

ashley, of course you can borrow it! you just have to fly me out to grenada so that i can hand-deliver it :)

caitlin and brinton said...

Beautiful pictures!

Cami said...

I was thinking the same thing about your shirt, soooo cute! And those pictures are very pretty. I'm glad you're loving it!

blair said...

oh I miss you guys! I'm so happy that Maren is so close as well, that definitely provides some comfort, I'm sure.

Jesse said...

Way cool pictures and adventures you are experiencing my friend. Miss you. :)

Laurel said...

YAY! Thanks for inviting me to see your blog. I am so glad to have you in Pittsburgh especially for the whole 4 years! Thank you Thank you Thank you for everything Monday and Tuesday. You are so good to me and Paisley. You are right about the thunderstorms. Brady and I took a picture just like your last one and it is incredible! I am glad you have someone close and we will have to take a trip to D.C. while the husbands are busy.

Erin said...

So fun that you got to go see Mare!

Maren said...

Yay you are close to me! Thanks for coming down. It was so good to see you guys!!!