Monday, September 12, 2011

arts festival

this weekend we went to the arts festival at mellon park.  it felt like our first official family outing - i think because we brought the stroller for the first time.  for some reason, that made it official.

there are some seriously talented people out there.  they had everything from jewelry to paintings to woodwork.  it made me wish that i had an ounce of artistry in me.

the cooler temperatures, the sun, the smell of fried food, the entertainer singing james taylor .... it got me really excited for fall.

this picture was taken immediately after tannon glanced around to make sure none of his friends were there to witness him getting his picture taken by his embarrassing wife.


caitlin and brinton said...

You are the hippest parents around - look how cute everything you are carrying/pushing is! I am so happy you guys got out as a family and you are enjoying the beginnings of fall. The sounds of James drifting through the air... ahhh, I love it.

Caleb and Marci said...

maybe it was the super manly backpack that he was worried about. lol. I'm sure he would never be embarrassed by you. :-)

CHELSEY said...

Miss you guys.

Tannon, you are THE MAN to me right now. I'm in admiration of you wearing the backpack. It's definitely manly enough, but still. Lots of Dads wouldn't do that.

denise said...

Yep, I was laughing about that backpack/diaper bag too. :)

I've been to that arts fair and I love Mellon Park. I miss those beautiful gardens!