Wednesday, June 8, 2011

twenty seven

i had a wonderful birthday this year.  i was so pleasantly surprised to receive so many text messages, emails, and cards from friends and family throughout the day.  i want to be more like that.

i woke up to a note from tannon.

walked downstairs to find this:

at work, my dad & mom-in-law sent me some gorgeous flowers {tannon's name was on the card, too, but i know him better than to have anything to do with buying me flowers}.

after work, tannon picked me up all showered and smelling of fresh cologne.  he took me to Olive Garden for dinner {we had a g/c which made it even better}.

after dinner, we stopped off at barnes & noble to look at the nook {okay, and purchase}.

i then walked into a home filled with freshly baked goods.  tannon had baked my favorite cupcakes.

it was a special day.


Kelley & Manny said...

A special day for a special person! Sorry if that just made you Glad your bday was so ya and miss ya.

Caleb and Marci said...

Glad your good husband took care of you and that you had a great day.

denise said...

Happy belated bday! You have such a sweet husband. French toast is my favorite breakfast (and lunch and dinner). Yum. And those cupcakes look like red velvet? Even better!

I'm guessing you like Italian food since you went out to Olive Garden. Joe Mama's in Oakland was a favorite of ours when we lived in Pittsburgh. (We were in Regent Square, btw, and both went to CMU. Just thought I'd share that random bit of information.) Anyway, the Tiramisu at Joe Mama's is to die for.