Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love day

we had such a wonderful valentine's day this year. since i've been awful at writing in my journal lately, i'm hoping this blog can help me remember some details that would otherwise be lost.

i think a lot of the fun of valentine's is planning and doing things for tannon. usually i'm not this ambitious, but i wanted to make this year somewhat special. i think i had more fun than he did.

**this was the most corny v~day yet, so if you can't take it, please stop reading.**

i wanted to type up how we met/our love story from my perspective and give it to tannon. he already knows it, but it's so fun to re-live those memories every once in a while. since our first date happened to be February 14, 2003, i figured it was only appropriate. i typed it up as a "story" format. a lot of the details are fuzzy in my head, so i had to make do and embellish them a little. it makes for a better story, right?

i slipped the 5 page essay into his backpack so that he wouldn't read it until he was at school.

that night, we decided to steal our friends' tradition and make a heart-shaped pizza. i love pizza.

i had mentioned the night before that i was craving vanilla ice cream, so he surprised me with homemade vanilla ice cream.

after we ate, i busted out my cheesiness.

i had 4 small gifts for him, but in order for him to open them, he had to do something first. each gift was accompanied with a corny poem.

i won't bore you {or gross you out} with the rest of the gifts/poems, but i have to say it was the most memorable/fun valentine's day since our first date.

i love being in love.


caitlin and brinton said...

ahhhh, I love it~ so cute. I want that pizza and ice cream IMMEDIATELY - they both look so good!!!

Richins Family said...

ahh you're cute McCall :) Tanon is one lucky guy!

Chris & Missy said...

Sheesh. You two are perfect for each other!! Soounds like a great Heart Day!! Love you two + lil' bun + huddy!

Hale-O There said...

CUTE! I'm glad you had a great Valentines day! The pizza and ice cream look so good. We recently pulled out our ice cream maker and I would love any great recipes you have.

Laurel said...

So sweet. That sounds like such a special valentines day. You guys are a great couple, we are so glad to have you guys as friends! Can you plan our Valentines Day next year? : )