Wednesday, October 20, 2010


is quiet, but not shy.
is laid back, but very OCD particular about a lot of things.
keeps nixon in business.
is a very caring, loving, & supportive spouse.
loves ice cream & chocolate more than anyone i've ever met.
is so selfless. he is always thinking of others.
loves his green laser.
has a dream to move to alaska and live off the land.
can't grow a beard, try as he may.
leaves me love notes nearly every morning.
has a really cute singing voice, especially when he sings the deep part in this song.
makes me laugh ALL the time. i don't know why, but most of the things he says i think are hysterical.
loves to fly under the radar. you can imagine how ticked he's going to be when he finds out about this. don't be surprised if tomorrow you find my blog deleted.


Liz said...


Caleb and Marci said...

You two make such a great pair. I smile when I think about you both. And I was totally thinking when I started to read this post about the time that Tannon wanted you not to blog anymore since he didn't understand the point. :-) We always miss you, and think of you often.

Jill said...

can I add: he was going to BUST the sleeves off of his shirt on sunday. Yes, Chan was a weee bit jealous. ddaaaaang.

you two are the cutest. seeing you together makes me smile.

Cami said...

This was a sweet post McCall, you really are the cutest couple!

Dustin hates when I blog about him too. It makes me mad that he doesn't like it, and I do it anyway :].

Richins Family said...

so cute McCall :) ps i love his green laser too... :)

Chris & Missy said...

I didn't get a note the whole weeek I was there!!Looks like those classes are paying off! ;0) He makes most husby's look like crap. But I love him anyways!

Laurel said...

What a sweet tribute! He is such a good guy. You guys are a great couple. Glad we have you both as friends!

Jesse said...

You guys are the dream couple... seriously.

Jesse said...
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Helena said...

I hope we are as happy as you two when we've been married for forever, like you have.

CHELSEY said...

that made me cry...