Sunday, June 13, 2010

the Sunday-night blues

the worst part about weekends are:
the Sunday night blues that assuredly creep into my body.
knowing that i have yet a whole 'nother
week ahead of me filled with work
is irrationally disturbing.

for now, i am just going to reminisce about
my awesome weekend.
we were invited by some other Dental students
to go camping at cook forest state park.

we had an incredible time with wonderful friends
that we got to know a whole lot better.

if you've ever been camping with Tannon,
you will know that his favorite part of camping
is throwing in a piece of copper, surrounded
by garden hose. it makes way cool colors in the fire.

we found joy in spending time with this little fella.
he loved Hudson and wanted to "walk" him
any chance he could.

we saw hawks. (i think?)

and i took random pictures of fungi.

bring it on, monday. i'm as ready as i'll ever be.


Jill said...

Your photography is AMAZING! can we go practice (or you just teach me a thing or two??) :)

caitlin and brinton said...

Awesome pics!!! So glad you had fun camping - looks beautiful.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

camping is the best and you guys seem like outdoor experts.

so my favorite picture (even though all of them are fantastic)...the grassy looking fungi...simply lovely!
awesome job mccall, you blow me away.

Cami said...

Ah yes, the copper in the fire. That does look cool, and of course I love your fungi pictures!

I'm glad you guys had a good weekend. :)

Amanda said...

truly you are one of the strongest people i know! glad you had a good weekend. we need to play i miss you!

C and MC said...

Holy smokes you are a professional! Camping is the best.

Chris & Missy said...

Ya, I'm probably the only person who doesn't get all that excited about camping. Can you believe we came from the same parents?! However, I do LOVE photography and you are getting waaaaaaay good sista!! Love you!