Monday, July 6, 2009

oh, husband

this morning as i was getting ready to leave for the gym, the husband and i had the following exchange of words:

me: (as husband is closing the blinds) don’t close the blinds. it lets light in and light is good for the soul.

husband: well, you’re leaving and my soul is already good.

* * * * * * * *

my dad always said growing up that when people tease me, it means they like me. tinman must be madly in love with me.


dave and catie said...

tee hee
i love it.

catie p.

Mike & Kim said...

Mike always teases me. Guys who love their wives very much do that :)

Jesse said...

Oh...getting up to work out... instead of work... you are so cool McCall...So cool...Did you hear birds singing a wonderful song and receive breakfast in bed too?

Cami and Dustin said...

Hahahaha! That is so funny! I think I love it so much because it sounds exactly like something Dustin would say as well. :D I'm still laughing, that is so great.

Ashley said...

Lol. That was cute.