Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January Mopes

One thing that gets me through those post-holiday depression tendencies are looking forward to the Newland tradition of staying the night at the Brighton Lodge at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

*I really have no idea who this random guy is, but Caitlin used the only cool picture of Brighton Lodge in the Google Image search, and since I'm already stealing all of my pictures for this post from her blog, this will have to do.*

It is so much fun to sit in an outdoor hot tub with mounds of snow surrounding you. Heavenly.

The next day, we all packed on our snow gear and trekked from the Spruces campground to Donut Falls. It was absolutely gorgeous and a freaking great work-out.

*Me & Caitlin*


*I feel like a giant next to these two. I'm trying to play it cool by slouching to be their height, but just ended up looking like an idiot.*


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

uhm honey, that just makes me so stinking cold looking at it.

caitlin and brinton said...

So, the guy in that picture looks exactly like Tim from far away! If you hadn't of said it was a random I would have never known the difference! It was fun, thanks for letting us take breaks every 30 steps :)

KO said...

I wish I were better at enjoying the snow and cold. I just want to move somewhere warm. Looks like fun!

Cami said...

That looks like sooo much fun! And you don't look like an idiot in that picture, I think it's cute! :)

Chris & Missy said...

It sure looks fun to me! I've never been snow shoing and I hear it is an awesome workout! P.S. I love the ba-donk-a-donk pose!! Love ya Cally!