Saturday, December 27, 2008

And Bring on the Depression

I've decided that the few days after Christmas are so depressing! All the excitement and buildup of Christmas is SO great and then BAM! All that excitement is wripped off like a Band-aid with not much to look forward to.

Tannon and I had a great Christmas this year. We absolutely love spending time with our families and doing that on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just makes it that more special.

We have really enjoyed the break he and I have had from school and work. Poor Tannon got really sick, though and has an ear infection. I hate it when he's sick! Selfishly, though... it was kinda nice to have that extra day to spend with him when he called in sick to work.

My best friend, Maren, is in town for the holiday, so our close friends were able to get together for a little Christmas get-together. I just LOVE these wonderful human beings! (And their spouses). It's always a blast getting together with them. And- don't be surprised that I have NO pictures of our Christmas break. I suck.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas! Now it's on to laundry, cleaning, taking down Christmas, and putting everything away. I don't know why my house always looks like a bomb went off around this time. Frack.


Chris & Missy said...

I know!! I wish that I didn't have to clean my house either. I swear that it was clean when I left it, but now it is a huge mess! FRACK!! Hope Tinman gets feeling better! He was such the trooper!

Ashley said...

I'm totally feeling the post holiday depression too! It was great to see you the other day. Hope Tannon feels better soon :(

CHELSEY said...

Hmm..yea, I agree about the let-down. I do like the 'clean up' part about Christmas tho.'s sort of a winter "spring clean" cause I take down all the clutter.

Ashley said...

Hey it was so fun to see you on this night at the Texas Road House and your sister!!! THat place was crazy!!! But so yummy...I am totally going to try that recipe you posted. I love pesto things.

Maren said...

I'm depressed because it means I have to go back to DC... Oh well! It was fun seeing you on Friday. I can't wait till you're out here on the East Coast and we'll get to see each other way more often. We'll need to find a middle point between here and Pittsburgh. That way we can hang out even more :)